Should I Choose Blinds or Shutters?

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Offering a host of benefits, blinds and shutters are an ideal option for the family home or the busy workplace.

However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it can be tricky knowing which is right for you. To help you make the right decision, we’ve provided all the information you need for deciding between blinds or shutters for your property.

Blinds and Shutters Cost Comparison

Cost can often be a crucial sticking point when it comes to making a decision, and with blinds and shutters, there’s a marked difference in price between the two.

Generally, blinds are considerably cheaper than shutters – both to purchase and install – due to their material and straightforward sizes. 

So while shutters may cost more, they also typically require much less upkeep and last longer, making the overall costs not as far apart as first appearances might suggest. 

Blinds vs. Shutters: Durability and Versatility

When it comes to durability, blinds and shutters are both excellent options. Between the two, shutters generally come out on top due to their hardwearing wood or PVC material, whereas blinds, often made of fabric, can be susceptible to the wear and tear of everyday life. 

However, the versatility of blinds makes them an ideal option for smaller windows or rooms, unlike shutters that are generally better suited to larger rooms where the full extent of their design can be appreciated. 

Style Comparison of Blinds and Shutters 

Available in an array of styles and designs, shutters and blinds are both excellent options for the home or workplace.

Whether it’s Venetian blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds or any of the other countless blinds available, finding the right style to suit your tastes is rarely an issue. The mixed materials of blinds, including PVC, wood and bamboo, also ensure that picking a design that suits each individual room is often not as tricky as you might expect.

Hardwearing and suitable for almost any interior style, shutters, particularly plantation shutters, make a great choice for those looking to add an element of sophistication to their home. However, the heaviness of shutters can make them difficult to install for weaker window frames, while their wooden material also makes them unsuitable for particular rooms, such as bathrooms.


Ease of Cleaning 

On the question of how easy both are to clean, shutters generally come out on top. Their hardwearing design and lack of additional material features ensure they are straightforward to wipe down and resistant to most forms of staining.

Unfortunately, the fabric design of blinds makes them quite susceptible to dirt and general fading. Blind slats are also a prime spot for collecting dust, ensuring that regular cleaning is often required.

Blinds vs Shutters Safety

Maintaining a safe home environment is essential, especially if you have young children. So when it comes to deciding between blinds or shutters, safety can often be a crucial deciding factor.

The lack of cords or chains with shutters makes them a popular child-friendly option to have in the home. However, their heaviness and hardwearing design can make them painful if they manage to catch someone when swung. 

As you might expect from the wide variety of blinds available, some are generally much safer than others. Many cheaper blinds feature a cord or chain for opening and closing, which can present a risk to young children. Despite this, there are still plenty of alternatives available, including blinds with rods and electrically operated options, though these may come with increased costs.


As well as keeping light out, blinds and shutters can also help keep warmth within a home or business.

Shutters generally work quite well at keeping heat within the home as they are made-to-measure, ensuring there are no gaps from which heat can escape. While the wood and PVC material used for shutters also acts as good insulation, further improving their heat retention.

Unlike shutters, blinds do not typically work as well at keeping in the heat. However, when combined with curtains, blinds can still do a quality job, and often for a fraction of the cost of installing shutters.

When it comes to blinds vs. shutters, both offer up a wealth of benefits. So, when deciding between the two, the choice comes down to a number of important factors, including cost, safety and style, and how they fit in with your day-to-day life.  

Whether you need plantation shutters installing or help deciding between roller blinds, roman blinds or venetian blinds, the team here at Barton Dormer can help. Get in touch today by giving us a call on 01277 549068.


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